Smartphone Add-ons

Product Information

At our Smartphone category is full of our staff’s personal favorite gadgets including Mini Projectors, portable chargers and video accessories. If you have an iPhone we have a mini projector for it! In fact we have tried to make finding a mini projector for your smartphone very easy. Through review and research we have gathered together our best picks and found them for “Chiiper”. Not to mention that mini projectors are awesome!

We also have a giant selection of add-on battery packs and portable chargers. Nothing is worse than running out of batteries. We know this and we also know that the coolest things for your smartphone are mini projectors, add-on video adapters and Portable Chargers. So, again, we have gone to great lengths to find you the best of these products for the lowest cost and laid out from low to high end models.

Video adapters can make all the difference. Maybe you have seen how great some of the add-on iPhone lenses represent or want to film something in widescreen with your smartphone. Either way we hope to make your smartphone video recording a pleasure. From fish eye, wide angle and micro lens to zoom and high quality lenses, they exist and we will continue to list them as we come across the deals. No retail prices here! Check out the Smartphone Video Equipment page.

Portable chargers and add-on battery packs are awesome! From the iFuel external bettery pack to the Stitchway UltraPower backup charger you have options to combat those terribly timed down times. Ever heard of a Boost Case? Check it out here or on the full page of Portable Chargers.

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